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Raw Material used for Concrete


UltraTech Concrete plants use fresh cement directly procured from the state-of-the-art cement plants mainly through cement bulkers, which in turn is pumped directly into UltraTech Concrete silos, thus protecting it from the external environment and humidity.
Coarse Aggregates

UltraTech Concrete directly sources the aggregates from selected and approved suppliers and these aggregates are tested as per IS stipulations at regular intervals for:
• Shape, size and gradation (elongation/flakiness test)
• Impact value and crushing value test for their strength
Fine Aggregate

UltraTech Concrete directly purchases sand from selected and approved suppliers. The sand is tested as per IS stipulations at regular intervals for:
• Moisture content
• Gradation for fineness modulus
• Silt content

UltraTech Concrete tests the quality of water as per BIS standards at frequent intervals and in case the water needs any treatment, water purifiers are used.
Mineral Admixtures

In UltraTech Concrete plants, mineral admixtures are obtained from proven sources conforming to relevant BIS standards. High-tech facilities are used for collection, transportation and storage to avoid contamination due to environment and any other source.
Chemical Admixtures

In UltraTech Concrete plants, high quality admixtures are used in concrete during mixing to improve certain properties of fresh concrete such as workability and setting time. The admixture is sourced from reputed companies and is tested for compatibility with cement before use.
Workability of concrete

In UltraTech Concrete, workability is properly controlled through scientific methods by appropriate dosing of admixtures. Workability is measured (and recorded) for every batch to facilitate efficient transportation and pumping.
Batching and Mixing

UltraTech Concrete is proportioned using computer aided scientific methods conforming to relevant standards. Mixing is done through high efficiency pan mixers or twin shaft vibro-mixers in fully automated mixing and batching plant leaving no scope for human error. These measures ensure consistent quality in every batch.
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