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Concrete is most vital material in modern construction. It has versatile properties like easy mouldability, high compressive strength and long lasting durability. These properties of concrete have made it most popular construction material for all types of civil engineering works. The latest developments in concrete technology have made it possible to use it in intricate and architecturally complex structures, requiring high degree of performance and aesthetic appearance.

In addition to normal concrete, other varieties in use are, high strength and high performance concrete, self compacting, light weight, high density, fibre reinforced, polymer, coloured concrete etc.

The ingredients of good and bad concrete are the same. The difference lies in the technology used for production, transportation and placement. The making of concrete is an art as well as a science. Science because all the ingredients are proportioned as per the standard codes of practice to get the targeted strength & durability, and an art because in addition to accurate proportioning, quality of concrete depends on the way it is mixed, placed, compacted, finished, cured and protected. Ready mix Concrete(RMC) technology results in a perfect blend of the Art and Science.

In all the developed as well as most of the developing nations, use of RMC for construction has made it possible to achieve speed and quality. The advent of commercial RMC in India is about a decade old, but in recent years it has become the preferred choice of architects, engineers and consumers.

UltraTech Concrete is committed to provide customised high quality RMC for ensuring speedy construction.
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